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Athena Graphics as a design to print company is the indispensable link between brand owners, design agencies and printing companies who want to raise the bar even higher when it comes to high-quality packaging artwork, prepress and printing plates.

On the one hand Athena Graphics makes every effort for brand owners to guarantee their visual identity. We ensure consistency and coherence, even if your packaging is produced in different locations and with different printing techniques. On the other hand, printing companies rely on us for more efficiency and peace of mind when managing their packaging. Thirdly, Athena Graphics helps design agencies to deliver consistent print quality to their customers.

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Pixel perfect

From start to finish.
What we do

Artwork and pre-press performance

“We pave the way to greater efficiency, by optimizing and driving value to the artwork and pre-press business.”

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Spec-perfect printing plates

“With the files, techniques and plates, we give you the ownership to make your packaging stand out, whether or not through our unique webshop."

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What we add


"We solve many challenges with new printing technologies, new processes and workflows. New methods will be more quickly accessible to you."

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“We are much more than just a damn good provider of graphic and innovative services. We connect all packaging chain members in one brand community, and will protect your brand identity.”

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How we do it


“You can rely on us. Every hour. Every day. We won’t leave you to your own devices, but will help you get the best possible results.”

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“Both our products and services, as well as our production are infused with our green growing ambition.”

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Years of Experience

A first good for printing within 48h and reduce the number of correction rounds by 38%.


The world looks a different place than before. Staff turnover is not inevitable, and switching suppliers is more frequent. We capture these changes for you.


Integrating an artwork management system has never been easier. The Athena Portal takes care of your approval flow and ensures you meet your deadlines.

Centralisation of all your data

24/7 access to our highly secure, central platform anywhere in the world.

Colour consistency

Regardless of substrate or material, we ensure uniform colours on all your packaging. We protect your brand identity.

1 Single point of contact

The multilingual people at Athena Graphics reassure you with great enthusiasm. From now on, just one contact for all your graphic jobs in all printing techniques.

What we do

Artwork and prepress performance

Our experienced operators execute the necessary colour and text corrections and optimize the image according to the specific printing techniques. They also assure brand consistency on all packaging, regardless of the type of substrate or material. Once the order is approved, they deliver print-ready files that meet international quality standards.

  • Artwork (master and line extensions)
  • Prepress digital, offset, helio, flexo
  • Colour management
  • Digimarc enhancing
  • Multicolor / G7 / Extended gamut
  • Proofing
  • Remote proofing
  • 3D visualization and packshots
  • iFlow / Workflow solutions
  • Webshop (e-service levels, …)
  • Prepress requirements => Prepress requirements

Spec-perfect printing plates

At Athena Graphics we don’t just follow the trends, we create them! We are proud to be among the pioneers in our domain. We daily produce flexo plates in a very advanced and automated way. We always fulfil our customers’ wishes by combining the right technology with the right screening method and plate.

  • iPlate
  • Kodak NX
  • Esko Full HD Flexo
  • Flat Top Dot / XPS Crystal
  • Kongsberg and Zünd cutting tables
  • Xeikon / Glunz & Jensen
  • Webshop
Looking for complete packaging artwork management. Simplicity will make it happen.
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What we add


As a pioneer, Athena Graphics has a technical research and development team of 8 people. They are responsible for developing new screenings, workflows and processes. This results in the development of innovative and unique methods that are not yet known in the market. We often work together with universities or external partners to further develop these innovations.

  • Digimarc
  • SmartFlexo
  • Webshop
  • iPlate
Discover our innovations


A packaging project involves many stakeholders who all have their own complex challenges. To bring structure to this chaos, Athena Graphics offers different essential tools which provide clarity and consistency to your projects. Together we connect all stakeholders and we can achieve great things.

  • Online portal (Orders / Webshop)
  • proCure
  • Data security & IT infrastructure
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Smart is always the answer

The packaging world is changing rapidly, so we too must constantly perform at high speed through improved innovation, automation and optimization. Knowing that this company does not just acknowledge this, but actually puts it into practice, makes me proud of the entire Athena Graphics family.

Ignace Cosaert — CEO

Packaging enrichment

Being unique matters


Digimarc is a technology that creates a digital link between all parties involved in the packaging workflow. An invisible barcode...

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iPlate is a patented technology. The name and colour of the order are printed centrally on the back of the...

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As a reseller of DOQMIND, Athena Graphics disposes of online services to simplify the packaging process. Thanks to different modules,...

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SmartFlexo optimises the colour composition in flexo to the expected print result without compromising quality. We can convert Pantone colours...

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Our technical expertise centre combines optimisation, standardisation and automation to offer you the most suitable solution. With proCure you can...

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Packaging Squad

Partnering with other leading companies is the future. Together with iVisual, doQmind and One inch Whale we are proud to...

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Work hard. Play hard.

Discover our state of the art fitness room. Because we believe getting on top of your a-game means getting in shape.


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