Athena Graphics launches intelligent printing plate: iPlate

Freitag 29 April 2022

For years, Athena Graphics has been the most innovative player in the graphic world. In recent years technologies such as smartFlexo, proCure, Digimarc, … have been added to our product range in order to serve our customers even better.

Under the motto ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’, we have seized the lockdown period to develop a new pioneering concept: iPlate. This patented technology is unique in the world and was developed together with experts in the field.

The back of each flexo plate contains a QR code and order info. This unique code is linked to each unique produced LEN-file in our ERP-system. By scanning the QR code, it is possible in doQmind to order duplicates, consult the colour sequence, … . We also offer an API connection. This allows customers or suppliers, after scanning the QR code, to connect from their own software to the MIS of Athena.


  • Order dupli plates via a QR code which is directly linked with our Webshop
  • Follow-up of complete production and delivery process (BRC norm)
  • Plate sorting is much faster
  • Tape proof and film clean: the QR code and text remain intact even after removing tape and degreasing plates
  • In a later phase, the planning will also be controlled, durability of plates will be monitored, assembly of plates will be controlled, …
  •  …

‘This development illustrates once more the ambitious plans of Athena Graphics to prepare our customers for the future. We give them the opportunity to work faster, more efficient and easier’, says CEO Ignace Cosaert.

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