Athena Graphics expands its machinery and production department

Freitag 29 April 2022

Speed, quality and service are crucial for Athena Graphics. These values determine our every action in order to constantly improve our process.

In order to achieve the desired growth and to be able to meet customer demand even better, Athena Graphics invested in a number of new machines. In Roeselare we recently installed a Catena E led exposure unit and a Catena WDLS exposure unit with drying units, stacking positions and a light finisher. (both are from the company Xsys)

‘After the expansion works in Veenendaal, another WDLS inline processor will be purchased to guarantee further growth. In addition, we invested in 2 Zünd cutting tables, which were installed in Roeselare and Veenendaal’, says Ignace Cosaert, CEO.

In order to install these new machines, expansion of the production department in Belgium was necessary. The department was thus further expanded by 420 m2.

In addition, the existing production line was mapped and analysed. This quickly showed that the department could be better organised and internal production flows could be accelerated.

Ignace Cosaert: ‘These new investments not only expand the possibilities, but also reduce delivery times and increase quality performance.’