Revolutionary QR-technology for flexo plates: a unique innovation from Athena Graphics

Athena Graphics has reaffirmed its position as a market leader in the graphics sector. The company recently obtained a patent for “iPlate”, a unique technology devised together with industry experts.

A QR code and order info is added on the back of each flexo plate. This unique code is linked to each uniquely produced len-file in our ERP system. By scanning the QR code, it is possible to order dupli’s, consult the colour sequence, … . In addition, we also offer an API connection. This allows a customer or supplier, after scanning the QR code, to connect to Athena’s MIS from their own software.
There are many advantages associated with this technology:

  1. Easy dupli ordering
    Customers can order dupli’s in ‘one-single-click’ via the Webshop. This saves time and makes the ordering process extremely efficient.
  2. Full production and delivery tracking
    The QR code enables customers to follow the complete production and delivery path of their flexo plates.
  3. Fast sorting of plates
    Thanks to QR technology, plate sorting is significantly faster, optimising production processes and saving costs.
  4. Tape-proof and filmclean
    The QR code and associated text are resistant to various degreasers and tape removal. This ensures durable plate identification.
Athena Graphics continues to innovate and plans to further expand the QR technology. At a later stage, it will be used to control planning, monitor plate durability, control plate assembly, … .
Ignace Cosaert, CEO of Athena Graphics: “With iPlate, Athena Graphics has ushered in a new era in the graphics sector. The patent grant not only highlights the uniqueness of this innovation but also confirms our vision and commitment to take the printing world to the next level.”
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