The Pack Intelligence Conference: inspiring insights and innovations in the packaging industry

On 25 May, “The Pack Intelligence Conference” took place at RetailDetail in Antwerp. This event was organised by the Packaging Squad, a collaboration of Athena Graphics with iVisual, DOQMIND and One Inch Whale.

The event offered a varied programme with inspiring speakers.

Eric Dumortier of BLACKBIRDS and Koen Buijtenweg of WeRefill shared their insights on enticing brands and consumers to use circular packaging. They discussed their mission to strive for zero waste at Ecover.

Next to speak were Wim Hamaekers of One Inch Whale and Pascal Lefever of Alpro. They highlighted how Alpro innovated their packaging designs through colour science and predictive intelligence.

Fabian De Vos of Athena Graphics shared valuable insights regarding efficiency and structure in the artwork management process. In doing so, he shared practical tips to optimise artwork management.

Finally, Julie Dumoulin of iVisual presented the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in the packaging industry. She discussed how AI can be applied to optimise and innovate packaging processes, both in services and software.

The event ended with an interactive panel discussion where the speakers had the opportunity to elaborate on the topics covered.

At this, participants were able to ask questions and exchange ideas.

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