A packaging project involves many stakeholders who all have their own complex challenges. To bring structure to this chaos, Athena Graphics offers different essential tools which provide clarity and consistency to your projects. Together we connect all stakeholders and we can achieve great things.

  • Online portal (Orders / Webshop)
  • proCure
  • Data security & IT infrastructure

Online portal (Orders / Webshop)

For many years now Athena Graphics offers a portal which perfectly meets your needs and wishes. The portal increases working comfort and saves valuable time. In this way communication becomes much easier and more efficient.

The module ‘Orders’ gives you a clear overview of all your current Athena Graphics orders as well as the packaging to be approved and printed. The centralised and fully automated workflow ensures less errors and e-mail traffic. It brings structure in the chaos. It is also possible to compare different versions and quickly and clearly see the differences.

The ‘Webshop’ is completely automated which makes additional communication unnecessary. Thanks to a link between your MIS and our MIS system, all parameters are automatically filled in in the order entry. In addition to speed, the main advantage is that the information does not have to be filled in again, which also avoids errors.

During the start-up phase, the Webshop is always fully customized in close consultation with the customer. Both the brands and the printers can order 7 products via the webshop. These cover a very wide range of flexo plates in different thicknesses, automated prepress, conversion of spot colors to quadri or multicolor, color fast and remote GMG proofs to automatic creation of all kinds of PDFs and Reports and Step & Repeats. Realistic interactive 3D mock-ups can also be ordered automatically.


As a reseller of DOQMIND, Athena Graphics disposes of online services to simplify the packaging process. Thanks to different modules, communication becomes much simpler and more efficient. These online services have been developed by our partner DOQMIND, the easiest platform for daily use to create your projects and approval workflows. Moreover, you can assign tasks, compare and comment on files and centralize results into an online tailor-made repository. The all-in-one software is a SaaS and PaaS solution which can be used globally 24/7 and in every browser.

  • Shorten your time-to-market
  • Reduce your costs thanks to increased productivity
  • Raise your independency
  • Simplify your artwork and project management
  • Easy and all-in-one solution
  • Integration with your system through our API
  • Upgrade efficiency thanks to 24/7 overview


Our technical expertise centre combines optimisation, standardisation and automation to offer you the most suitable solution. With proCure you can measure your various printing processes and gain insight into your production environment. We digitise your printing process with intuitive printing instructions and real-time facts & figures. Together with market leader MeasureColor, our technical expertise centre offers service and software of the highest level, increasing productivity.

  • Measure specific points during printing
  • Get data and scores from your printing process
  • Optimise, standardise and automate your production environment
  • Increase your productivity
  • Guarantee the brand identity of your customers
  • Anticipate faster during the printing process
  • Get autonomous quality control
  • Improve your ecological footprint by reducing waste
  • Improve the knowledge of your printing operators

Data security & IT infrastructure

A team of internal IT people, supplemented by external experts, ensures the security of your digital files. On a constant basis, new techniques are quickly implemented and we manage your data securely in our hybrid cloud environment on the Nutanix platform and/or in Azure.

The IT team is responsible for the constant follow-up of security threats, patch management and security awareness training of employees. We always use techniques such as Multi Factor authentication, Encryption, Cloud analysis of mails and suspicious files, SIEM and immutable backup in a cloud environment.

  • Azure (Microsoft) as most trusted, certified cloud partner
  • Several separate power circuits and an emergency group provide continuous power to our own redundantly and ecologically cooled data centre 
  • Multi-stage back-up system (onsite and offsite)
  • Dual internet connection to ensure communication with customers and teleworkers
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