As a pioneer, Athena Graphics has a technical research and development team of 8 people. They are responsible for developing new screenings, workflows and processes. This results in the development of innovative and unique methods that are not yet known in the market. We often work together with universities or external partners to further develop these innovations.

  • Digimarc
  • SmartFlexo
  • Webshop
  • iPlate


Digimarc is a technology that creates a digital link between all parties involved in the packaging workflow. An invisible barcode / QR code is placed in the design of the packaging and gives everyone access to specific product information. In this way you can optimise your entire packaging chain, from design to recycling of your products, and communicate with your customers. Thanks to Digimarc it is possible to optimise your recycling process and make sorting more environmentally friendly.

  • Invisible barcode / QR code
  • Communicate in an optimal way with your customer
  • Protect your brand against counterfeiting
  • Increase the impact of your marketing
  • Optimise your recycling process


SmartFlexo optimises the colour composition in flexo to the expected print result without compromising quality. We can convert Pantone colours to quadri or to extended gamut printing and take your flexo printing to a higher level. In the end you will receive the best intelligent flexo plate, perfectly cut to size (staggered cut) and with a unique barcode (see iPlate concept).

  • Optimise your colours
  • Extended gamut / multicolour printing / G7
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Cost reduction
  • Shorter set-up time at the printing press


The ‘Webshop’ is completely automated which makes additional communication unnecessary. Thanks to a link between your MIS and our MIS system, all parameters are automatically filled in in the order entry. In addition to speed, the main advantage is that the information does not have to be filled in again, which also avoids errors.

During the start-up phase, the Webshop is always fully customized in close consultation with the customer. Both the brands and the printers can order 7 products via the webshop. These cover a very wide range of flexo plates in different thicknesses, automated prepress, conversion of spot colors to quadri or multicolor, color fast and remote GMG proofs to automatic creation of all kinds of PDFs and Reports and Step & Repeats. Realistic interactive 3D mock-ups can also be ordered automatically.


iPlate is a patented technology. The name and colour of the order are printed centrally on the back of the flexo plates. Very innovative and unique is that 1 or 2 QR codes are also applied. Additional order or colour related information can also be provided. Our API connection is the indispensable link to allow your software to communicate with ours. By scanning the QR code, connection can be made from 3rd party software to Athena Graphics’ MIS.

  • Intelligent flexo plate
  • Recognise plates at a glance
  • Sort your plates very quickly
  • Quickly retrieve information and details about your order
  • Order dupli’s in one-single-click
  • View orders separately in our online viewer
  • Perform quality control via proCure
  • Resistant to all kinds of degreasers
  • Applicable on all types of flexo plates up to 2.84 mm thickness
  • Intelligent machine-to-machine communication (industry 4.0)
  • Mirrored text ensure legibility when mounting the plate
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